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〜Relaxx Direction. Philosophy〜


Learn apparel at Bunka Fashion College, '12 worked in leather goods manufacturing site (planning&sales).

Between the inner eight years, he served as manager of planning & sales.

Management, and original brand development and sales, sales also experienced,Keita Harada of experience, knowledge, and personal force,

such as technology, I will continue to expand the business by a number of community power.


Products and planning and design, or sell in any approach, also sold in any state or.

To say that commodity in short, things to do, there are many things to'll care.

They must proceed in thought originally at the same time, all is not intended to hold with no branding.


Branding, direction, planning, design, that you come up with to bring them to the consistency, this will considered essential to the distribution of the modern.


Consistent intention and to the idea, experience, ideas, sense, sense and force to it was output outgoing, more than anything else, to attract people strong remarks force and rhetoric, charisma, and leadership to lead the era sought will be.


Sensuous sense and sharpness that feel to sensitive the era of sensitivity is very important.

There is also need the contents of the topic is also abundant, the more Some sociability to interact with many people, information is gathered. Action force is also an important factor.


Information necessary really, does not go into hand with money.

It is what it is possible to obtain in a limited person.

  And what important things than is always whether you can stomach the idea man.

  ... This is why.

The idea is the source of all, it is the source of power. The rich people ideas, gather is always people.

Always I will think and act against something. It think the essence of things, and it is necessary to ideas in order to think. The idea's a treasure.


Relaxx Direction. is facing in the person-to-person, you can be making the people and human relations.


What is not enough, and I have to add. Minute only possible to the extent possible, and I should be compensated.

Of employment, long-term cost does not require.

  What is needed, is an investment for a little ahead of the future.


Tomorrow than today, now of new ideas than the idea, better things better.

  Partners that fight along with the people you want to challenge the new step is Relaxx Direction.

We will Direction the "something" missing in the world.


Representative: keita Harada




〜Relaxx Direction. 理念〜










ブランディング、ディレクション、プランニング、デザイン、これらに一貫性を持って打ち出すこと、 これが現代の流通には必要不可欠と考えます。


一貫した意思とアイデアには、経験、発想、感覚、センスそして、それをアウトプットし発信する力、何よりも、 人々を魅了する強い発言力と話術、










アイデアとは全ての源であり、力の根源です。 アイデアが豊富な人には、必ず人が集まります。

常に何かに対して考え行動する。 物事の本質を考える事、そして考える為にアイデアが必要となります。 アイデアとは宝なのです。












代表:原田 惠太


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